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Monday, 20 September 2021



Radar Signal Auto Trading EA

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Daily Open forex Signal

Rules for System


Radar Signal Trading System is a swing trading forex trading system. It is a very reliable forex trading system with outstanding performance in the past. Using the combination of several technical indicators this forex trading system filters out the noise from the market.

When all of these technical indicators show the same thing chance of happening that goes higher. A clear buy and sell signals are generated by this trading system which has become its prominent feature.
The best thing about Radar Signal Trading System is that it lets you know when the best buy is and best sellers. And another best thing is it gives you predetermined target levels. Most of the time traders are confused regarding the take profit levels and stop loss levels and this trading system helps you counter that problem.m

Long Entry

Radar signal indicator indicates a pending buy order.

Placed order, if Stochastic histogram is green and the price is above the daily open line.

Short Entry

indicates a pending sell order.

Placed order, if Stochastic histogram is red and the price is below the daily open line.

Time Frame Currency Pairs Number of Indicators Rating
M15, H1, H4

Radar Signal
Radar signal indicator consists of several important technical indicators like ADX, RSI, CCI, OSMAR, and ATR. When the market condition is bullish these indicators are filled with blue bars and when the market is in bearish mood, this indicator fills up with red bars.

Therefore look to buy only when all these radars are blue and look for short positions when these indicators are red.

Daily Open
Daily open indicator is a moving average alike indicator. It generates buy sell signal and target levels. It is


the main indicator of this forex trading system.

StochHistogram indicator consists of histogram which fluctuates in positive and negative territory. You should look for buy opportunities only when this histogram is positive and you should look for selling opportunities only when this histogram is in negative territory.

Exit position

At the profit target indicate by radar signal indicator or fast profit target that depends by currency pairs. Initial stop loss 30-40 pips.

Radar Signal Trading System: Buy Parameters

  • Market you are watching should be up trending.

  • Daily open indicator should show “Buy Entry”.

  • Majority of the Radar signal indicator should be blue.

  • Stoch Histogramn should be in positive territory.

  • Place your long position as soon as above conditions are met.



  • Place your stop loss just below the recent swing low.

  • Set your target to the blue horizontal target level.


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