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Tuesday, 30 May 2023


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Forex MACD Signals Indicator


Forex MACD iIndicator is based on the traditional MACD indicator and generates buy and sell arrow signals on the chart.

The indicator plots MACD in a sub window below the main activity chart, green colored bars for bullish price movement and red colored bars bearish price movement.

You can use this indicator as a stand alone or combine it with a trend-following indicator such as a longer period moving average (SMA or EMA type)

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Basic Trading Signals

Signals from the MACD Indicator are easy to interpret and goes as follows:

Buy Trade: Open buy order when MACD crosses back above 0.00 from below (first green bar).

Sell Trade: Open sell order when MACD crosses back below 0.00 from above (first red bar).

Exit Trade: Close trades at an opposite signal, or use your own preferred exit method.

Tip: Use MACD in conjunction with a trend-following indicator.

For example, a simple moving average or exponential moving average.

Only trade in the direction of the trend indicated by the trend-following indicator.

Bullish trend direction? Trade MACD buy signals, avoid sell signals.

Bearish trend direction? Trade MACD sell signals, avoid buy signals.


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