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Monday, 20 September 2021
Cumulus Digits - 2020

Cumulus Digits - 2020

Cumulus Digits - 2020 Bot - 2020 is a pre-built automated trading strategy for our Binary Bot platform. Designed specifically for synthetic indices, ROBOT Cumulus Digits  2021 purchases now available

Best Prediction Digit is 7. contracts with a stake of 0.35 USD. If a contract is lost, the stake amount is doubled for the following contracts (i.e. 0.71 USD, 1.43 USD, 2.89 USD, etc). After 7 consecutive losses, or when a contract is won, the stake amount is reset to 0.35 USD.


Only 3-consecutive losses Recorded after 5000 Runs.

Suitable For Long term auto-Trading ESP on Strong Accounts



Key features

  • Available for synthetic indices
  • Supported contract: Digits Even
  • Built-in take profit and stop-loss parameters


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